Peak Partners for Rural ActionPeak Partners for Rural Action – Exploring Collaborative Working

Client: Peak Partners for Rural Action

Description: Workshop to explore what needs to be done to work together in order to maximise the impact of the resources within the voluntary sector across the Peak District.

Quote: “I want to take a few minutes to acknowledge the excellent job that you did facilitating our Peak Partners session “Exploring Collaboration”, this was a potentially tricky session with 9 different partners present, you facilitated in a purposeful and inclusive way and moved us to ensuring we fulfilled the action planning segment, many people have commented on the qualities you have as a facilitator and how well structured the session was. Thank you for your excellent write up.” Kevin Skingsley, Chief Executive, High Peak CVS

Category: Exploring working together



Sheffield moors partnership discussion forumSheffield Moors Partnership – Discussion Workshop

Client: Sheffield Moors Partnership

Description: Facilitated a day long set up workshop exploring what was special about the Sheffield Moors and the options for setting up the Sheffield Moors Partnership.

Category: Exploring working together



T3SC logoT3SC – Exploring Working Together

Client: Tameside Third Sector Coalition

Description: Facilitated a workshop with the Chairs and Chief Executives of the major voluntary sector infrastructure organisations within Tameside exploring how they could work more closely together to maximise resources.

Category: Exploring working together


Losehill Hall training courseLosehill Hall training course

Client: Course participants from the environment and countryside sector

Description: A two-day residential course to increase participants’ confidence in consulting with staff, community groups or stakeholders and involving them in planning and decision making.

Category: Consultation with groups – active ideas for better results



Peak District National Park Authority logoPeak District National Park Authority Facilitation Skills Training

Client: Peak District National Park Authority

Description: Ran a daylong course exploring what makes a good (and bad!) facilitator; introducing a range of facilitation tools, techniques and event planning ideas.

Quote: “I really don’t have any suggestions [for improvement] the day was relevant, pacey and delivered to a very high standard. Obviously the main subject was facilitation, however I noticed that some of the new skills I gained during the training session could help me in other areas of work too e.g. organisational skills, general good event planning and maximising input from others. I’ve noticed that some of my colleagues are drawing some of the ideology and practical suggestions you imparted during the training, this is surely the greatest indicator of a successful course?”
Emma Martin, Communities Policy Manager, PDNPA

Category: Facilitation skills training



Red Rose Forest Skills share eventSkills share event

Client: Red Rose Forest

Description: Ran a day long training session to help participants better understand what makes a successful Skill Share Event; give examples of ideas for effective session planning; introduce the different ways people learn; and practice ideas to keep group energy levels up.

Quote: “I can’t thank Pete enough for delivering such a well planned and presented course which I think has inspired the participants to go and plan their own Skills Share event. A big thank you as well for being flexible enough to accommodate a reschedule of the original course date.”
Jessica Thompson, Community Liaison Manager, Red Rose Forest

Category: Facilitation skills training



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